Gifts For Shih Tzu Owners

The Shih Tzu is a small dog with a short muzzle, large dark eyes and a soft and long double coat. The dropped ears are covered with long fur and a heavily furred tail is carried curled over its back. Due to their long silky coats they require regular grooming. The name comes from the Chinese for word for "lion dog" because it was traditionally bred to resemble the lion as depicted in traditional oriental art. The breed is typically loyal, affectionate, extrovert and alert. Due to their friendly nature, they tend to interact well with other dogs, children and adults.

Colours can range from shades of gold, dark brown, white, liver, brindle and grey.

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About My Shih Tzu Gift Range

My gifts for dog and pet lovers is provided by Zazzle as they have a huge range of customisable products upon which my watercolor paintings can be applied to. I chose to do this to give people the widest possible range, at the best possible quality and price. Having been painting Shih Tzu dogs for many years its great to now see the different paintings I have created to be available to a wider audience in this way. By creating a Shih Tzu gift range I hope that Shih Tzu owners and their friends and relatives can get a gift that is special and reflects these beautiful dogs characters.

Remember Your Purchase Helps Save Animals

Don't forget that any purchase that you make from my pet gift's Zazzle store wil help endangered animals by supporting the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. My company that runs this website will donate a minimum of 1% of ALL of the revenue we receive from sales - this is monitered and certified by the One Percent for The Planet organisation. So by buying a Shih Tzu gift you will help a little in protecting wildlife under threat around the world.